Women's Health

The nutrition needs of women are so diverse.

Nutrition recommendations are based on what life stage she's at, as well as considering other medical conditions, lifestyle and preferences.

Personally, my husband and I faced fertility challenges.

4 years later, we now have a cheeky almost 2 year old, but more recently needed to send an angel

back to heaven. I get that it can be frustrating and upsetting that others are falling pregnant

effortlessly around you, and it can feel like you're the only one struggling to grow your family.

But you should know that there are particular nutrients and eating patterns that have been

linked with increasing your natural fertility by up to 69%! We can't control it all 100% but diet can

certainly play an important role in getting your body ready for pregnancy and carrying your child to term.

Here's a list of the main women's health areas I can assist with:

  • Nutrition for Fertility
  • Pregnancy Nutrition
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
  • Pelvic Pain / Endometriosis